Insta Mix 3

Today I have for you a quick Instagram Mix. This time I decided to describe my pictures a little bit. I hope you will like it!

Me wearing my new shoulder padded jacket and on the left book that I was planning to buy for a very long time. Love it!


My Sneakers Wish List

I just wanted to say that I'm extremely sorry for doing a post about shoes again but I couldn't help myself! I have this huge wish list of sneakers that I am completely obsessed with at the moment. I love this trend and I am wearing my sneakers whenever I can. Which ones are your favourite? Did I miss anything? Probably some Nike Air Max but well… I want almost all of them so a separate post would be necessary!



My dream outfit for today.

Just to show you what I feel like wearing lately... Lots of clothes, sporty or more smart 
mixed with sneakers and gold or silver. That's what I am currently obsessed with!



Trend Alert: Adidas Slides

This time I will really understand if you say that I am crazy because of the today's post. Yes, I bought these Adidas slides that you can see above and I am really happy about it! Apparently they are on trend now (I've put some pictures below of people wearing these) and for me, who hates normal flip flops it is a perfect excuse to wear them! Maybe I will not put them on together with white socks. That would be too extreme, even for me... but with boyfriend jeans? Of course! Tell me, what do you think? I know that probably you don't even understand how someone can wear these outside of the bathroom but I can't help it! I just love them! 



Are you also addicted to emoji? I can't imagine texting without using these little icons. Having emoji on your loafers? Why not?! I wanted to show you the newest Edie Parker and Del Toro collaboration launched by Moda Operandi called M'Oticons! You can purchase loafers with your favourite emoji. I honestly can't decide which ones are my favourite. I've heard that Del Toro loafers are really comfortable but unfortunately I don't own any pair (yet!). What do you think about this collaboration? Would you wear these?


My Essentials: Black Converse

I decided to show you from time to time my favourite, essential items that I need to have in my wardrobe.
 I've recently bought these shoes (had only a white version) and now I know that it was a very good decision.
 How could I live without them before?! No idea.