Valentino Accessories Resort 2015

Valentino once again decided to team up with Terry Richardson to create the Resort Accessories 2015 campaign. Did I mention that I've been dreaming about Valentino bag for such a long time and that I am a huge fan of colorful and geometric prints?! I literally want every single thing from this collection... It is sooo me that I really can't stop being excited about this. Click below to see more pics from the collection.


Alexander Wang x H&M

Here it is! We've been waiting to see the results of this collaboration for such a long time. Alexander Wang and H&M? It has to be good! You probably already know that as long as  words such as "sporty" or "beanie" are used when describing particular collection I simply have to love it! So many pieces from this lookbook remind me of my "snowboarding times" (when I used to compete). I loved to wear all of those sporty clothes. Scuba dresses and oversized tops are my favourites from this lookbook. Actually… I like almost everything. If you are as interested as I am don't miss the Alexander Wang x H&M launch event that you can watch HERE live from New York. Click below for more pics.


WWD Video Exclusive: Chanel S/S Show in Paris

WWD visits Karl Lagerfeld in his studio just before the Chanel S/S show in Paris.
 This time everything will happen "on the street". Concrete dresses, concrete jewellery and no heels… 
Check it out! 


Balmain Spring 2015

Balmain belongs to the group of my all time favourite brands. Every single collection is stunning and it just never gets boring for me. I guess Olivier Rousteing's is one of those people who I would trust no matter what when it comes to fashion. He is not afraid to design something young and very modern when showing in the most demanding and sophisticated fashion capital. Balmain was one of the most talked-about shows lately not only because of the clothes but part of Kardashian-West family sitting in the audience and walking down the runway. Kendall Jenner is Rousteing's new muse who is also dominating the shows this season (that I've heard some of the other young models can't stand). Well, I find it very interesting and I am always happy for other people's success so go Kendall!



I am officialy a graduate! Such a relief! It seriously couldn't be better as I ended up getting first-class degree from Fashion Marketing and Business Management. It wasn't easy but me and my best friends did very well. I must say that graduation itself was extremely long but when I finally walked through that stage it felt amazing. I am probably going to study further but for now I want to enjoy my freedom!

Nareszcie oficjalnie zakończyłam moje studia! Nie mam co narzekać, ponieważ dostałam najlepszą z możliwych ocen, czego kompletnie się nie spodziewałam. Nie było łatwo, ale jakoś dałam radę! Ceremonia była niemiłosiernie długa, ciągnęła się wieki, ale kiedy już przemaszerowałam przez scenę (cudem się nie potykając) poczułam gigantyczną ulgę. Wybieram się na kolejne studia jednak w najbliższym czasie chcę tylko i wyłącznie cieszyć się wakacjami!


Floral Garlands

I love floral garlands so much, especially when they are made from fresh, beautiful flowers. I remember making them so often when I was younger. I think they look soo nice and lately I see a lot of people wearing them on a daily basis. Pictures from Swedish Midsummer celebrations are amazing. Everyone is wearing floral garlands there. 

Uwielbiam wianki uplecione ze świeżych, pięknych kwiatów. Kiedy byłam młodsza, plecenie wianków było jedną z moich ulubionych wakacyjnych rozrywek. Ostatnio dość często widuję ludzi z różnymi "kwiecistymi akcesoriami" wplecionymi we włosy. Zachwyciły mnie również zdjęcia ze szwedzkiego "Midsommar", święta które obchodzi się w weekend najbliższy nocy świętojańskiej. W życiu nie widziałam tylu pięknych wianków! 

I definitely prefer fresh garlands made of real flowers but below I've put a little collage with quite nice, fake ones that you can buy online (and wear more than once!)

Zdecydowanie bardziej podobają mi się wianki zrobione ze świeżych kwiatów, ale znalazłam kilka ciekawych, "sztucznych wersji", które można kupić online.