Insta Mix 3

Today I wanted to show you another Instagram mix. I just love this app and I also really enjoy watching photos taken from Instagram on other blogs. I hope that you will like this one!

 Me and my lovely curious parrot. I am not the only one who likes taking selfies here.

I took the picture on the left shortly after coming back to Poland. It means "never grow up" in Polish. On the right you can see my previously mentioned Cambridge Satchel! 

Green smoothies are what I am trying to get used to lately. On the right: this is where I live in London. Veeery close to the river. 

On the left you can see me trying to make a "cute face". Well… On the right: I was just extremely bored when waiting for the plane at the airport.

Just a little picture of me not showing my face as my parrot landed on it two days ago. On the right: Finally! My new iPhone, which means for me a better camera and 4G in Poland! Yay!

Another picture of my neighbourhood and a drink that I am addicted to (however I prefer the Green Tea).

I seriously could not decide which ones to get but in the end I went for black ones. On the right: Me showing how awful the weather in London was. 

 Really goood food.

This time really good and healthy food.  

 Silly pics of me and my shoes…

I had to post a pic during the first sunny day in London! (My happiness didn't last too long as it started raining again). On the right: Moschino in Selfridges! Love it!



  1. <333 ! uwielbiam Twoje insta mixy !

  2. Oh man I wanna live in London so badly! And I love Pret, I had planned to eat there last weekend when I was in London but then we had problems with our flight an we didn't have time anymore -.-

  3. Awww the bird so cute! And LOVE the cap!

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    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

  4. wooow! cute pics!
    p.s. love your LA cap!